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My fourth FAM / Press Trip to Hamburg – Holy Hamburg!

So Hamburg. Yeah! As you know, last week I told you about how I was invited to Hamburg, as a guest of Hamburg Marketing. What you don’t know, are the details of my press trip! BUT WHY HAMBURG? Why not? The thing is, I’ve…


16 brilliant reasons why you should visit Taiwan!

So last week, I told you that even though I have a lot of future posts coming up about my FAM/Press Trip to the Philippines, I was going to divert to writing about Taiwan! Taiwan? Yes. Taiwan! Aha! ?/%$!!?%$§! Now let’s be honest. A…

My third huge FAM / Press Trip to the Philippines – How to work with #TBEX, and how to do it right!

I’m back in Europe you guys! It’s a little sad ‘cos Asia is one of my favourite continents, but still, it’s good to be back home. I’ve just returned from that most exotic of continents – Asia – and to a region unfamiliar to…

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