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To be or not to be? That isn’t a question, that’s the Queen’s dinner & a Night Out with William Shakespeare!

Last week was so exciting and was very, very British! Why, you might ask? Well, it was the Queen’s birthday as well as being the birth and death of William Shakespeare! I know!! Anyhoo! I was invited to participate in a gala show and…


Glitzy burlesque, and utter SHEER MADNESS!

My goodness, what a lovely summer we’re having. The weather is glorious and Berliners are out and about. July was so much fun. I went to Berlin Fashion Week Yay! I got my first ever press pass and I have to tell you like,…

So you think you know Mozart? Breakin’ Mozart in Berlin!

It’s summer! It’s summer!! It’s so good to be in Berlin right now. The sun has begun to shine and the summer festivities start in June. What a city! In April, I told you that for the months of May and June, I will…

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