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Have you ever been to Split in Croatia – Bring out the dragons!

So last week, I continued my writings about Croatia. C-R-O-A-T-I-A! If you’re just joining, this is what you missed: How to visit the Balkans: Introducing Croatia – the dream of Game of Thrones! 10 reasons why Zagreb is a family destination – A great place…


How to visit Copenhagen on a budget. Even though I missed my last connection. Again!

So last week’s post was pretty grave. We had a heap of terrorist attacks all over France and Germany, so it just had to be written! And as I indicated last week, I can’t tell you what to do, or advice you as to…

Oranges & Lemons say the Bells of St. Clement’s. Say the ancient bells of Seville actually! Awesome!!

So the last few weeks, I told you about our trip to Madrid, but did I tell you that we went to Seville too?! Seville! Ah Seville! Let me just say that our visit to Seville was the first of its kind! I know!…

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