10 reasons to go to Barcelona – And it’s not only for tapas and sangria, but you know, I’ll take it anyway!

So last week, I told you how I got abandoned at Barcelona Airport and it was pretty traumatising. Not only did I have to go through a flight delay with Vueling before I got to Spain but I went through a horrendous flight delay…


To Nessie or not to Nessie: A temptation cruise on Loch Ness

Righty. One of the wonderful reasons to go to Inverness is of course, to see that sea monster of legend – Loch Ness. Loch Ness is not only a creature of fantasy and myth but also the name of a 22.6 mile or 36.4…

A wee drab of whisky is just the thing to make you itch!

Yay, we went to Inverness in the Highlands! Inverness known as the city in the Highlands is the capital of the Highlands and of course, the home of that most iconic female – Loch Ness. I had booked a coach (bus) to take us…

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