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21 reasons why Dubrovnik is one of the top European cities to visit. If you haven’t been. Go now!

It’s proper Springtime! A few weeks ago, I told you about how we had such a lovely time in Croatia, and all the unique things that we did! However, we did more than just go to Croatia. Yep! We also went to.. Wait for…


Shocking news! I’m actually in the Philippines and guess what? The secret Chinese-speaking location I told you about is….Taiwan!

I’m actually in the Philippines you guys! And wow! It’s looking far better than what I ever imagined it would be like! But first. The Philippines? WHATEVER AM I DOING THERE? Well boys and girls, a long time ago, in the summer……..I told you…

11 reasons why you should visit Porto – the city of wine – and why it matters!

So last week I wrote all about why I thought Lisbon would be the next top European place to be! And why? Because it’s worth it! And you know what? After spending three (3) days in the Algarve, and three (3) days in Lisbon,…

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