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I went to Romania. It didn’t wow me!

Romania; Romanian; Eastern Europe; Balkan; Europe; European; travel

I bet you weren’t expecting this! So, what happened? As you know, I’m a great advocate for Europe, and even more so for Eastern Europe. I mean you only have to scroll through this link to experience my love for the continent. But if…


A first time beginners’ guide to the ITB Berlin: 10 tips to help you prepare. Bam!

OMG! I’m enormously excited! And why? The ITB travel trade fair is going to be in town. Yeeeeeeeees! Gosh! Just last week, I told you about the glamour of the Berlin International Film Festival, otherwise known as the Berlinale? Now this! Before I became…

So is it worth going to ITB Berlin? Yes! It most certainly is!

Sadly, it’s over! What’s that? Ah! Come on now. Where have you been the last week? And have you seen my Twitter and Facebook feeds? The ITB Berlin 2017 is oooooover! For now! Waaaah! Back to the question above though. So is it worth…

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