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Spanish food & how to eat it! Spanish plonk & how to drink it!

It’s May! And therefore Spring. Thank goodness, as in the last few weeks in Germany, you might be forgiven had you thought it was October! Yep. Around here it was Autumn! As you know, my family and I went to Spain and Portugal. Here…


Oranges & Lemons say the Bells of St. Clement’s. Say the ancient bells of Seville actually! Awesome!!

So the last few weeks, I told you about our trip to Madrid, but did I tell you that we went to Seville too?! Seville! Ah Seville! Let me just say that our visit to Seville was the first of its kind! I know!…

72 hours in Madrid – 72 things to do! Oh God!

I’m back in town! I returned from our Spring trip to Spain and Portugal. Just a week ago. It feels like a month!! That happens to you when you travel as much as I do and then return home, ‘cos there’s just so much…

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