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How to be an embodiment of urban, provocative cool: Berlin Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 2016 – PART II!

In Berlin, fashion and design labels present themselves with work that can be described as inventive, experimental, expressive and so very urban, and so the other week, I told you about Berlin Fashion Week – Autumn/Winter 2016. I had so much to tell you…


How to be a part of the new fashion set: Berlin Fashion Week 2014/2015!

It’s been a very long week. Yours truely has been running around town like a headless chicken because I went to the Berlin Fashion Week. Yay! Last week, I told you that I had obtained press accreditation to go to the five fantastic places…

Tilda Swinton and the Last Hurrah: Berlin Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2015!

It’s July and it’s The Last Hurrah season before the people of Berlin leave town and the much expected tourists arrive, and yours truely will be with you, every step of the way LOL! I have so many things to tell you. In January,…

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