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The top 20 favourite festival films you should really watch in 2019!

Wow! The last two months have been busy! I went to Norway. We went on a #boat for #Norwegian fresh air!The #tour makes a stop at #Bygdøy – the #museum #island of #Oslo so we hopped off to the #FramMuseum for the most famous…


And it’s a wrap! How to see the next big thing at the movies. Plus very new stuff!

My Goodness! What a fabulous ten (10) days we have had in Berlin. Just wow! Sunday was the last day of the Berlin International Film Festival otherwise known as the Berlinale! And what a wonderful time we all had! We had a long, fantastic…

Hollywood comes to Berlin at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival: The Berlinale, 2014.

Wow! We have had a long, fantastic fortnight of films, films, and yes more films. That’s right. From the 6th of February to the 16th February, 2014, Berlin has been packed solid with members of the film industry. It makes me proud that Berlin is…

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