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Bodensee – Where’s that?

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Honestly speaking, Germany is a country with a bunch of surprises. Who would have thought it? Geeeeeermany! Omigosh! Now you all know that we recently went to Rügen. On the Baltic Sea And it was grand! You might have thought that we stopped there.… Continue Reading “Bodensee – Where’s that?”

Why you should visit Switzerland, and eat cheese!

So last week, I introduced you to my first ever visit to Switzerland in a lovely place called Lucerne, otherwise known as Luzern! But why Switzerland, I hear you jealously say? Well, it was part of my summer campaign. You know the one –… Continue Reading “Why you should visit Switzerland, and eat cheese!”

How to spend 48 astonishing hours in Lucerne, otherwise known as Luzern – On a budget!

Europe is wonderful! It’s a continent and mass of a huge number of countries with an amazing number of languages, cultures and styles. Is it any wonder that I decided to organise  Victoria’s Summer European Challenge Campaign! I mean, wouldn’t you? Oh, the summer!… Continue Reading “How to spend 48 astonishing hours in Lucerne, otherwise known as Luzern – On a budget!”

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