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And just like that. Summer’s here!

And just like that. Summer’s here! In the photograph is a plate of large chunky slices of watermelon. There is also a hand holding a slice of watermelon with a heart-shaped cut out. In the foreground is a towel with the motif of a watermelon. In the background is a swimming pool.

Oh. My. God! I simply can’t believe that summer’s here. Already! But where did the time go? One minute it was May, then just like that, it was July! Gosh! I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated you on what I’ve been doing on… Continue Reading “And just like that. Summer’s here!”

Bodensee – Where’s that?

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Honestly speaking, Germany is a country with a bunch of surprises. Who would have thought it? Geeeeeermany! Omigosh! Now you all know that we recently went to Rügen. On the Baltic Sea And it was grand! You might have thought that we stopped there.… Continue Reading “Bodensee – Where’s that?”

13 reasons why you should take your next European staycation in Rügen!

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OMG! Rügen was lovely. In fact, it reminded me of Brighton. In England! Well, obviously! So lovely in fact, that I thought I might share it with you. You’re welcome! So let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Rügen. Where’s that? Rügen or Ruegen… Continue Reading “13 reasons why you should take your next European staycation in Rügen!”

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