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Is Manila a crime-ridden place or is it something completely different?

So last week, I told you all about my FAM / Press Trip to the Philippines. And really, I had the most marvellous time but truth be told, the Philippines isn’t really on the agenda on most Europeans. India? Yes! Thailand? Oh yes! Bali?…


Shocking news! I’m actually in the Philippines and guess what? The secret Chinese-speaking location I told you about is….Taiwan!

I’m actually in the Philippines you guys! And wow! It’s looking far better than what I ever imagined it would be like! But first. The Philippines? WHATEVER AM I DOING THERE? Well boys and girls, a long time ago, in the summer……..I told you…

How I was attacked by monkeys and I screamed!

Monkeys!! I absolutely hate ’em! Last week, I retold the story and gave you the beginner’ guide to going up a volcano for the very first time; because going up a volcano really isn’t for everyone! The adventure of walking through the flames of…

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