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Stuck at home – The 20 best films to watch in my opinion!

TV; television; TV set; telephone; red telephone; phone; phone home; home; house; girl with TV; lady with TV; girl with telephone; girl with phone; lady with telephone; girl with telephone; girl; lady; stay home; stay at home; keep your distance; don't travel; flatten the curve; social distancing; safer at home; shelter in place;

So last week, I told you that Germany is under quarantine. In fact, most of the world is. Or should be. What this means is that we don’t yet have a total lockdown but social restrictions have been imposed. Strict instructions now stipulate that…


Think David Bowie! Think Alan Rickman! Think the British Shorts Film Festival!

Just over a fortnight ago, the world lost two very important British icons. Men who were true artists of their craft and who didn’t shy away from the experimental. Men who at first glance weren’t considered classically handsome chaps or the type of men…

The British Shorts Film Festival might not be a Ridley Scott film, although actually it was!

I’m really excited about my forth-coming trip to the Baltic Region and you’ll be the first to hear all about it LOL! Right now, I would like to focus on some British stuff. Living in Berlin as an expat  and as The British Berliner,…

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