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Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022!

Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022; New Year; 2022; goodbye; hello; live today; motivation; inspiration; old things; new things;

Happy New Year everyone! It’s official. It’s 2022! Gosh! I wanted to write about so many things in December 2021, but it was my birthday month. And so I picked December to work on one of the new ventures that I mentioned recently …… Continue Reading “Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022!”

Will we ever travel again?

airport; deserted airport; Airport Nürnberg; Flughafen Nurnberg; curfew; travel curfew; flying; travel; transport; Nürnberg; Germany; Europe; European; travel; family travel;

OMG! What is happening to the world? Just when we thought things might be getting better, Europe exploded with a fourth (4th) wave of Covid infection practically everywhere. Travel bans have been re-introduced. Another Covid variant – Omicron – has been found. Boris Johnson… Continue Reading “Will we ever travel again?”

13 reasons why you should take your next European staycation in Rügen!

Rügen; Ruegen; European staycation; staycation; tote; tote bag; beach bag; summer bag; seaside resort; Baltic Sea; Ostsee; German Baltic Sea; Binz; seaside; beach; Rügen beach; Rügen seaside; German beach; German seaside; sea; the sea; water; waterfront; waterside; sand; the Baltic Sea; the German Baltic Sea; North Germany; East Germany; Germany; German; Europe; travel; family travel;

OMG! Rügen was lovely. In fact, it reminded me of Brighton. In England! Well, obviously! So lovely in fact, that I thought I might share it with you. You’re welcome! So let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Rügen. Where’s that? Rügen or Ruegen… Continue Reading “13 reasons why you should take your next European staycation in Rügen!”

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