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Beer in Germany!

Beer in Germany; beer; bier; German beer; Eschenbräu; drink; alcohol; Germany; German; European; Europe; travel;

Ha! If there’s one thing that Germans do well, it’s eat sausages and drink beer! Beer in Germany isn’t a joke. And neither is Oktoberfest! Some people would have you believe that Oktoberfest is only known in Bavaria. And that the Bavarians aren’t really… Continue Reading “Beer in Germany!”

Sausages in Germany!

Sausages in Germany; sausages; German sausage; bratwurst; grilled sausage; German food; food; Germany; Europe; family travel; travel;

Now don’t get me started. I love writing about food and consider myself a respectable foodie. But when people think of German food, you can’t blame them when their impressions tend to lay on the stodgy side of things. I mean, when you think… Continue Reading “Sausages in Germany!”

How to be a German – 10 ways to do it!

How to be a German; beer; German beer; German drink; German culture; German things; how to live in Germany; Germany; German; Bavaria; beer in Germany is serious; Europe; European; culture; food; food and drink; travel;

So you’re probably either thinking, at last! Or, what the darn diddly? I cannot under-estimate how much I love living in Germany. I mean, I shout about it loud enough and it was just four (4) years ago that I introduced myself to you… Continue Reading “How to be a German – 10 ways to do it!”

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