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How to eat cheaply in Luxembourg!

It’s a strange thing. I’m a terrible cook, but I do like writing about food! I have a bookshelf crammed with recipe books from the likes of gorgeous Nigella Lawson – the Domestic Goddess, the Scot – Gorden Ramsey, the local geezer – Jamie…


Luxembourg: A smart guide to the Grand Duchy of one of Europe’s smallest countries!

  So last week I wrote a sombre post about the earthquake in Italy. But you know what? Just because Italy had an earthquake doesn’t mean that Italy is over! Quite the opposite! We’re Europeans! We don’t let little things like natural disasters or…

Is it safe to travel to Europe right now ‘cos I’m scared to travel abroad?

It’s been a rough few weeks. The citizens of France are in a state of shock. The world is in a dreadful state. Our sympathies and condolences are with the people, family and friends of Nice. First, we had that horrible referendum in which…

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