How to be a savvy travel blogger with 10 tips to help you prepare, and find your way around! – ITB Berlin.

This week is going to be exciting. And why? The ITB travel trade fair is going to be in town. Yeeeeeeeees! Before I became the awesome travel blogger that I am today, I used to attend the ITB as an ordinary member of the…


I’m going to the Baltic Region. You know, the “other” Eastern Europe!

So last week, I wrote a bit of a controversial post about what it is to be a blogger. Any regrets? Absolutely, none at all! I like pushing buttons and gong to places unknown, which leads me to the next question? What is this…

I went to the ITB in Berlin, so am I a professional travel blogger?

Last week, I told you that I would be revealing where I’ll be travelling to in the next few months. I can’t tell you exactly when for security reasons, but you’ll be the first to know next week LOL! But first: WHAT IS THE…

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