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A glimpse of what’s to come!

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OMG! What a time we’ve had. Our beloved queen – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – died. Millions of people watched the Funeral and Lying-in-State. Thousands queued to pay their last respects. Including David Beckham! Like everyone else. I shed tears. But by god,… Continue Reading “A glimpse of what’s to come!”

My flight got cancelled. Twice!

My flight got cancelled. Twice; Plane cancelled; cancelled plane; flight cancelled; flight cancellation; twice cancelled; cancelled two times; twice; two times; the plane cancelled my flight; the airline cancelled my flight; flight; airline; plane; flight to the UK; KLM; Easyjet; fly;

So let me start from the beginning. My flight got cancelled. Twice! Flight to where you might ask? To the UK my good man. Try to keep up! Anyway, I booked myself to the UK because … I’ll tell you some other time. Anyhoo.… Continue Reading “My flight got cancelled. Twice!”

A 9-Euro-Ticket to Görlitz!

So last weekend, I took my first hop journey with the €9.00 travel ticket through Germany! To Görlitz! OMG! I know! Because ANYONE can. Travel ANYWHERE in Germany. For just Nine Euros – €9.00! Per month! In June 2022! In July 2022! And in… Continue Reading “A 9-Euro-Ticket to Görlitz!”

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