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An introduction to Georgia. Not that one. The other one!

An introduction to Georgia; Tbilisi; City of Tbilisi; Georgia; Georgian; Caucasus; Europe; Central Asia; European; travel

It’s October and I went to Georgia! Oi! Not that one. The other one! What in the hell? For those of you just catching up, here’s what I’ve been doing: How to use the train in Europe 2019 – 10 tips to help you!…


Let’s go to Georgia. In Europe!

foal; pony; horse; animal, wild horse; in the wild; wild pony; wild animal; pony outdoors; horse outdoors; foal outdoors; Georgian mountain; mountain in Georgia; Georgia; Georgian; Caucasus; Europe; European; travel;

Omigosh! It’ll soon be September! But is it that time of year already? Noooooo! A few weeks ago, I told you that I was going to the Balkans in the Autumn. And so it begins! Yep! The British Berliner is going to Georgia! What…

15 incredible reasons why you should visit Bath in 2016: Heigh Ho!

2016 is going to be an awesome year and with so many wonderful destinations, you simply can’t go wrong! However, there is one country that I didn’t mention. My own! Yep! Ye olde England. The land of Shakespeare, punk-rock and meadow-stricken poetry. Steam trains,…

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