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To be or not to be? That isn’t a question, that’s the Queen’s dinner & a Night Out with William Shakespeare!

Last week was so exciting and was very, very British! Why, you might ask? Well, it was the Queen’s birthday as well as being the birth and death of William Shakespeare! I know!! Anyhoo! I was invited to participate in a gala show and…


17 reasons to visit Cheshire in the English countryside, quite close to Wales!

So last week, I went to Cheshire and I had a most marvelous time! As you know, I obtained an MA – Masters of Art Degree at the University of Chester. Good Times! If you would like to know a little bit about England…

Think David Bowie! Think Alan Rickman! Think the British Shorts Film Festival!

Just over a fortnight ago, the world lost two very important British icons. Men who were true artists of their craft and who didn’t shy away from the experimental. Men who at first glance weren’t considered classically handsome chaps or the type of men…

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