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When in Sweden, you’ve got to try Swedish food. Hand me my meatballs!

And so it’s here! The last post that I’ll be writing about Sweden. But what a most important post! It goes without saying that we had a most delightful time in Stockholm, and it was truly awesome. It was my first time to go…


‘Just because I don’t drink coffee. ‘Doesn’t mean I can’t have coffee culture with hot chocolate, in Vienna!

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As you know, a few weeks ago, I went to Austria. And of course, I didn’t just go to Austria, but I decided to visit Vienna! Visiting Vienna is exciting! If you’re just joining, and obviously, you’re not, ‘cos you would be following my…

Taiwan: Food to eat and a place to lay your head: A first-time experience – Part II

So last week, I introduced you to a little bit of why I went to visit Taiwan. And this is why I did so: 16 brilliant reasons why you should visit Taiwan! Taiwan: Food to eat and a place to lay your head: A first-time…

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