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Beer in Germany!

Beer in Germany; beer; bier; German beer; Eschenbräu; drink; alcohol; Germany; German; European; Europe; travel;

Ha! If there’s one thing that Germans do well, it’s eat sausages and drink beer! Beer in Germany isn’t a joke. And neither is Oktoberfest! Some people would have you believe that Oktoberfest is only known in Bavaria. And that the Bavarians aren’t really… Continue Reading “Beer in Germany!”

Winter in Germany!

snow; snowing; winter vibes; winter; weather; Kuchwald; Chemnitz; Germany; Europe; travel;

It’s January! Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s Germany. It’s winter. There’s snow, frost and ice. Nope! I’m sorry to tell you but for the last 20 years, that hasn’t always been the case! I’m a winter baby so snow is my thing!… Continue Reading “Winter in Germany!”

How to find a driving school in Berlin. In English!

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This article is not sponsored but based on my own personal experience. I paid for every driving lesson, licence, and exam myself. Driving. Aha! ‘Remember when I told you that I had a few new ventures on the go? Well, one of them was… Continue Reading “How to find a driving school in Berlin. In English!”

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