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And it’s a wrap! How to see the next big thing at the movies. Plus very new stuff!

My Goodness! What a fabulous ten (10) days we have had in Berlin. Just wow! Sunday was the last day of the Berlin International Film Festival otherwise known as the Berlinale! And what a wonderful time we all had! We had a long, fantastic…


How to visit Amsterdam in two days. With a teenager!

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Teenagers! You’ve got to love ’em! And when you’re travelling or going abroad, you’ve got to think of things differently, as teenagers are not children per se, but neither are they adults. They’re gangly young people, looking to explore the world, find their feet,…

Surprise! I’m travelling to England, Spain & Portugal. Olé!

They tell me it’s Spring. Ha! Ha! That’s awfully funny ‘cos we haven’t actually had a winter. Golly! It’s going to be March in a few days so officially, that is the beginning of the Spring season. The travelling season. Yeah! In March and…

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