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How to visit Austria: Introducing Vienna – the most civilised city. Ever!

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My! My! I’m doing rather well! So far this year, I’ve been to Amsterdam, I’ve been to Zaandam, I went skiing in the Czech Republic, and I’ve just got back from Vienna. In Austria! You know the one! The hills are alive with music…


How to visit Amsterdam: Introducing Zaandam – a Dutch traditional town with windmills!

As you know, a few weeks ago, I went to Holland. And of course, I didn’t just go to Holland, but I decided to visit Amsterdam! Visiting Amsterdam is awesome! And I admit. I was a little nervous taking a teenager to that city…

How to eat cheaply in Luxembourg!

It’s a strange thing. I’m a terrible cook, but I do like writing about food! I have a bookshelf crammed with recipe books from the likes of gorgeous Nigella Lawson – the Domestic Goddess, the Scot – Gorden Ramsey, the local geezer – Jamie…

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