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A coronavirus vaccination guide for Expat Berliners!

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I’m sure that you’re all aware that a Covid-19 vaccine is now available for all and sundry. As of February 4th, 2021, 2,848,022 people in Germany have been vaccinated. That’s great news! Isn’t it? Yes! But more still needs to be done. There’s a… Continue Reading “A coronavirus vaccination guide for Expat Berliners!”

This is my Berlin – In Prenzlauerberg!

Victoria Ade-Genschow; The British Berliner; This is my Berlin; in Berlin; in Prenzlauerberg; coat of arms; Prenzlauerberg coat of arms; historical coat of arms; burgher arms; bourgeois arms; local government arms; local government; burgeramt; kiez; Bürgeramt Prenzlauer Berg; Bürgeramt Prenzlauerberg; Prenzlauerberg town hall; Prenzlauerberg city hall; Prenzlauerberg; Prenzlauer Berg; Berlin Prenzlauerberg; Berlin; Germany; travel; Europe;

Hey! It’s me. Trying my best to entertain you so that you don’t end up down in the dumps, what with the signs of warm weather n’ all that. A foreign country might be off-limits right now, but there’s nothing wrong with social distancing.… Continue Reading “This is my Berlin – In Prenzlauerberg!”

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