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24 hours in London: 24 things to do!

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So last week, I was at the BBC. You know. As you do! And of course, I had to be in London in order to do the BBC Radio 4 recording. The city of London hasn’t been having a good time of recent, what…


Vienna – the world capital of music, music everywhere!

Vienna, Austria; music; world capital; Europe; Central Europe; travel;

So last week, we returned from Vienna. And what a marvellous time we had! ‘Remember how I told you that Vienna has the most frequently photographed monument in the city – the golden statue of Johann Strauss, has the circus fairground of Parter, the…

And it’s a wrap! How to see the next big thing at the movies. Plus very new stuff!

My Goodness! What a fabulous ten (10) days we have had in Berlin. Just wow! Sunday was the last day of the Berlin International Film Festival otherwise known as the Berlinale! And what a wonderful time we all had! We had a long, fantastic…

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