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Let’s celebrate 650 or 822 years of Rostock!

map of Rostock; Rostock; Hanseatic and University City of Rostock; Hanse- und Universitätsstadt Rostock; Mecklenburg–Western Pomerania; Mecklenburg-Vorpommern; Baltic Sea; German Baltic Sea; Ostsee; Germany; Deutschland; Europe; travel;

So a fortnight ago, I mentioned that one of my summer trips through Germany was to a city called Rostock. In truth, I have been to Rostock many times, but I haven’t actually been to Rostock! I know. It’s confusing. Let me clarify. Rostock… Continue Reading “Let’s celebrate 650 or 822 years of Rostock!”

And off to Rostock I went!

And off to Rostock I went! Victoria Ade-Genschow; The British Berliner;

We made it! It’s 2023! Oh! My! God! I can’t even begin to tell you the stuff that I went through in December / January. On Christmas Eve! There was a gas leak nearby, so we ended up with no gas or heating for… Continue Reading “And off to Rostock I went!”

13 reasons why you should take your next European staycation in Rügen!

Rügen; Ruegen; European staycation; staycation; tote; tote bag; beach bag; summer bag; seaside resort; Baltic Sea; Ostsee; German Baltic Sea; Binz; seaside; beach; Rügen beach; Rügen seaside; German beach; German seaside; sea; the sea; water; waterfront; waterside; sand; the Baltic Sea; the German Baltic Sea; North Germany; East Germany; Germany; German; Europe; travel; family travel;

OMG! Rügen was lovely. In fact, it reminded me of Brighton. In England! Well, obviously! So lovely in fact, that I thought I might share it with you. You’re welcome! So let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Rügen. Where’s that? Rügen or Ruegen… Continue Reading “13 reasons why you should take your next European staycation in Rügen!”