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16 brilliant reasons why you should visit Taiwan!

So last week, I told you that even though I have a lot of future posts coming up about my FAM/Press Trip to the Philippines, I was going to divert to writing about Taiwan! Taiwan? Yes. Taiwan! Aha! ?/%$!!?%$§! Now let’s be honest. A…


How I was attacked by monkeys and I screamed!

Monkeys!! I absolutely hate ’em! Last week, I retold the story and gave you the beginner’ guide to going up a volcano for the very first time; because going up a volcano really isn’t for everyone! The adventure of walking through the flames of…

The beginner’s guide to going up a volcano: because going up a volcano isn’t for everyone!

Last week, I told you that part of our summer in Asia was of going to Indonesia. Indonesia is one of my favourite countries and going to Bali brought back memories of my travels all the way back in ’99! Last week, I told…

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