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And just like that. Summer’s here!

And just like that. Summer’s here! In the photograph is a plate of large chunky slices of watermelon. There is also a hand holding a slice of watermelon with a heart-shaped cut out. In the foreground is a towel with the motif of a watermelon. In the background is a swimming pool.

Oh. My. God! I simply can’t believe that summer’s here. Already! But where did the time go? One minute it was May, then just like that, it was July! Gosh! I’m so sorry that I haven’t updated you on what I’ve been doing on… Continue Reading “And just like that. Summer’s here!”

When a strange rabbit came to live in our garden – goodness me. No!

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Hey everyone. It’s April! How are you doing? Nope. Don’t answer that! Nevertheless, I hope you’re all well? It’s been a while since I wrote you on this here blog, but I’ve been working at home and using my spare time in our organic… Continue Reading “When a strange rabbit came to live in our garden – goodness me. No!”

It’s Summer! June 2019: Highs & Lows

It’s Summer! This post is an article of mixed feelings and probably one of the shortest ever, and if you follow me on Facebook, you probably already know why. I’m a little behind with what I’ve already done this year, so I’m going to… Continue Reading “It’s Summer! June 2019: Highs & Lows”

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