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The British Berliner is 3 years old. Hurrah! Let’s go out and play cricket!

It’s my blog birthday! Hip! Hip! Hurrah! OMG! I can’t believe that on Friday, October 21st, my blog was 3 years old. Honestly, I can’t quite believe that 36 months ago on an Autumn Sunday evening, I decided to put pen to paper and…


Is it safe to travel to Belgium or Europe?

The citizens of Belgium are in a state of shock. The world is in a terrible state. Our sympathies and condolences are with the people, family and friends of Belgium. THE FACTS. There were explosions at Zaventem International Airport and Maalbeek station in Brussels…

48 hours in Bristol – 48 things to do!

Have you ever been to Bristol – Let’s eat & drink ’till the cows come home! My second glorious press trip to England. Yes, I’m going to Bristol & Bath. Yippee! But first, did you know that: Bristol is located just 120 miles west…

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