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How to write and publish a book – Introducing The Bee Hive!

Have you ever wondered if you had the talent, or enough patience, to put all your ideas onto paper and pen? Have you ever thought about writing a book? Here’s someone who did! My own brother! Who has written and published a book. A…


An English Education: The misadventures of a post-graduate student at the University of Chester.

So on Friday, I attended the very dignified graduation ceremony for my MA Degree. Yep! I obtained an MA – Master of Arts Degree at the University of Chester. In Chester. In England! My specialisation was in Education Management and Training. A bit like…

The secret of eating & drinking in Warsaw – How to make pierogi and eat it!

I had a jolly good time in Warsaw and even though I spent just four (4) days there, I seem to have touched on rather a lot of things to do and an astonishing amount of things to eat. Oh yes sir! Now let’s…

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