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An introduction to Georgia. Not that one. The other one!

An introduction to Georgia; Tbilisi; City of Tbilisi; Georgia; Georgian; Caucasus; Europe; Central Asia; European; travel

It’s October and I went to Georgia! Oi! Not that one. The other one! What in the hell? For those of you just catching up, here’s what I’ve been doing: How to use the train in Europe 2019 – 10 tips to help you!…


Let’s go to Georgia. In Europe!

foal; pony; horse; animal, wild horse; in the wild; wild pony; wild animal; pony outdoors; horse outdoors; foal outdoors; Georgian mountain; mountain in Georgia; Georgia; Georgian; Caucasus; Europe; European; travel;

Omigosh! It’ll soon be September! But is it that time of year already? Noooooo! A few weeks ago, I told you that I was going to the Balkans in the Autumn. And so it begins! Yep! The British Berliner is going to Georgia! What…

Explore Hansa with me! 5 enchanting Hanseatic cities from Sweden, Estonia and Latvia!

It’s September! And just where has the time gone? I simply don’t know. Do you? SUMMER TIME Well, I for one, have been extremely busy. And why? I went to Sweden, Estonia AND Latvia! Phew! Quite frankly, they really need no introduction because I…

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