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Germany and Poland are one!

Germany and Poland are one! Uferpromenade_JakobBöhmeHaus_Zgorzelec_© Urzad Miasta Zgorzelec

Oh no you didn’t! Oh yes, I did! Oh dear! I mentioned the complicated relationship between Germany and Poland a few years ago, and all I got was a barrage of insults and outrage! Neither side were happy. Ah well! In this context however,… Continue Reading “Germany and Poland are one!”

Best of Eastern Europe. In my opinion!

Best of Eastern Europe; Wawel Royal Castle; Wawel Castle; Wawel; Zamek Królewski na Wawelu; Polish castle; Poland castle; castle; Kraków; Krakow; Cracow; Poland; Polska; Baltic; Eastern Bloc; Eastern Europe; Europe; European; UNESCO; UNESCO World Heritage Site;

I’m a great supporter of European travel, and even more so for Eastern Europe. I mean, you only have to click here or scroll through this link, to experience my love for the continent. I have always enjoyed travelling to Eastern Europe! I’ve been… Continue Reading “Best of Eastern Europe. In my opinion!”

I’m going to Poland, Georgia & Ukraine – What fun!

I’m going to Poland, Georgia & Ukraine – What fun; tram; transport; In Lviv; In Kiev; in Kyiv; Ukraine; the Ukraine; Ukranian; Europe; European; Eastern Europe; travel; family travel; solo travel;

It’s August! Is it that time of year already? OMG! Last week, I told you that I had plans for the Autumn. Big plans! And here they are! Yep! The British Berliner is going to Poland, Georgia & Ukraine! Hurrah! But To the answer… Continue Reading “I’m going to Poland, Georgia & Ukraine – What fun!”