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How I went to TBEX again, and what I learnt!

So last week I told you all about the fear and horror of visiting a city such as Manila! I told you about the anxiety of many a people living in a constant state of fear at home, not to talk of travelling abroad!…


Is Manila a crime-ridden place or is it something completely different?

So last week, I told you all about my FAM / Press Trip to the Philippines. And really, I had the most marvellous time but truth be told, the Philippines isn’t really on the agenda on most Europeans. India? Yes! Thailand? Oh yes! Bali?…

My third huge FAM / Press Trip to the Philippines – How to work with #TBEX, and how to do it right!

I’m back in Europe you guys! It’s a little sad ‘cos Asia is one of my favourite continents, but still, it’s good to be back home. I’ve just returned from that most exotic of continents – Asia – and to a region unfamiliar to…

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