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Croatia – a basic guide to food!

And so it’s here! The last post that I’ll be writing about Croatia. For now! But what a most important post! It goes without saying that my stay in Croatia was a delight. It was my first time to go to the Balkans, but… Continue Reading “Croatia – a basic guide to food!”

A 5 minute guide to German food. On the Baltic Sea beach!

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Hey everyone! It’s Autumn. It’s October. And it’s starting to rain but no matter! I’m going to tell you how Summery it was on the Baltic Sea beach. It was gorgeous! The sun was shining, the locals were smiling, and we were living it… Continue Reading “A 5 minute guide to German food. On the Baltic Sea beach!”

How to eat cheaply in Luxembourg!

It’s a strange thing. I’m a terrible cook, but I do like writing about food! I have a bookshelf crammed with recipe books from the likes of gorgeous Nigella Lawson – the Domestic Goddess, the Scot – Gorden Ramsey, the local geezer – Jamie… Continue Reading “How to eat cheaply in Luxembourg!”

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