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How I went on the radio for the BBC & was featured in Germany’s biggest Sunday newspaper!

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OMG! Last week was just fabulous! As you know, I was invited to take part in a radio programme. At the BBC! It was so exciting. More about that below! But just before we go into it, remember when I told you that there…


My 100th blog post celebration. Hip! Hip! Hurraaaah!

Wow! I’m popping the champagne! Today is the publication of my hundredth (100th) blog post. That’s 100 blog posts since this little baby went into publication on the 21st October, 2013. At the end of 2013! And what an amazing collection of stories, visits,…

If you want to make a statement, make it trashy, make it bizarre, make it the Berlin Music Video Awards!

What a great month June was. The Queen was in town, I did a documentary and ended up on German TV. Wow! You couldn’t make it up. But having said that, I’m not in the least surprised as this fascinating city of Berlin is…

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