Blossom City – Blütenstadt Werder (Havel) – A Day Trip from Berlin!

Blossom City – Blütenstadt Werder (Havel) – A Day Trip from Berlin; Blossom City; Blütenstadt Werder (Havel); Blütenstadt; Werder (Havel); Werder; Havel; apple; orchard; fruit; island; Lake Havel; Potsdam; Berlin; Brandenburg; day trip; Berlin day trip; day trip from Berlin; in Germany; Germany; travel; Europe;

So last week I wrote about my experience back in the office. It was only for a day, so not to worry! However, if you’re a British expat who lives in Europe, and you need to renew your passport, you’ve got to read this!… Continue Reading “Blossom City – Blütenstadt Werder (Havel) – A Day Trip from Berlin!”

British Passport Renewal!

British passport renewal; British passport; passport renewal; passport; British; travel;

Hey Everyone! I wrote something on the British-German Facebook Forum page, and it created so much buzz that I decided to turn it into a blog piece too. Here we go! As you might know by now, my husband is German but both myself… Continue Reading “British Passport Renewal!”

It’s Easter!

Easter; Ostern; Happy Easter; Easter Bunny; Easter Eggs; Easter Weekend; Easter Holidays; festival; In Germany; Germany; travel; Europe;

It’s Easter! Now I know that most of you are most familiar with the concept of Easter, but did you know that the word “Easter” is derived from the old Anglo-Saxon word Eostre, or Eostrae – the goddess of spring and fertility – was… Continue Reading “It’s Easter!”

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