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This and That!

Title page - This and That! Photo of a white and blue floral teacup with teabag; cup and saucer; tea; drink;

Ah yes. It’s November. What can I say. I’ve been busy! Busy! BUSY! With travelling. With my doctorate at the University of Bath! With gardening! With my work – I got promoted! I’m now the Manager – English Training Programmes at HCLTech Germany! With… Continue Reading “This and That!”

Spring At Last!

Spring At Last! Spring; weather; spring vibes; flowers; bloom; garden; travel; Berlin; Germany; Europe;

It’s Spring. At last. Thank goodness! Now I know what you’re thinking. It’s Germany. Winter happens. There’s snow, frost and ice. Nope! I’m sorry to tell you but for the last 20 years, that hasn’t always been the case! I’m a winter baby so… Continue Reading “Spring At Last!”

And then I saw a film in 2023!

And then I saw a film in 2023! 73rd Berlinale 2023; Berlinale; 73rd Berlinale; Berlin International Film Festival; Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin; International Film Festival; Film Festival; film; films; movies; festival; Berlin Films; Berlin; Germany

And it’s a wrap! The Berlinale, otherwise known as – the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival is done! And what a wonderful time we all had! We had a long, fantastic fortnight of films, films, and yes more films! And let me tell you.… Continue Reading “And then I saw a film in 2023!”