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Helsinki is the capital of Art Design so how was it that I went to Finland, and ended up with sushi!

It’s fabulous living in the beautiful trendy city of Berlin! Last week, I told you all about the fact that I had a production meeting with the rbb TV station. The rbb TV station is a big deal around here as not only is…


The smart guide to travelling to Helsinki.

Wow! I cannot underestimate how being a British person in Berlin is a marvellous thing. Last week, I was practically everywhere! Remember when I told you that I met a producer from the rbb TV station, and how they saw my blog and the…

Oh, the Baltics. If you haven’t been. You’re so last year!

I’m in Estonia. I’m in Tallinn in fact. Isn’t it exciting! Yes, we travelled a little sooner than you thought but didn’t I tell you that you would be the first to know? And you are! Oh yeah, it snowed. And it also rained….

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