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Görlitz – The Hollywood of Germany!

Görlitz - The Hollywood of Germany; Görlitz; Goerlitz; Görliwood; Hollywood; Hollywood of Germany; Goerlitz-Zgorzelec; Zgorzelec; StadtGörlitz; VisitGörlitz; EuropastadtGoerlitz; 9-Euro-Ticket; Saxony; Sachsen; Germany; Deutschland; Europe; travel;

Aha! So back to Görlitz! A couple of weeks ago, I told you that I went to a tiny little city in East Germany, called Gorlitz! We were most impressed. But what really got my juices flowing, was the fact that Görlitz was on… Continue Reading “Görlitz – The Hollywood of Germany!”

And then I saw a film!

And then I saw a film; 72nd Berlinale 2022; Berlinale; 72nd Berlinale; Berlin International Film Festival; Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin; International Film Festival; Film Festival; film; films; movies; festival; Berlin Films; Berlin; Germany

And it’s a wrap! The Berlinale otherwise known as – the 72nd Berlin International Film Festival is done! And what a wonderful time we all had! We had a long, fantastic fortnight of films, films, and yes more films! And let me tell you.… Continue Reading “And then I saw a film!”

The Berlin Film Festival is back – Yay!

The Berlin Film Festival is back – Yay! - Image ©Berlinale Press Service

OMG! It’s back! What’s back you might ask? Pleeeeease! As if you didn’t already know! The red carpet has again been rolled out Berlin is about to (safely) hobnob with the best of the best. I mean, if it’s good enough for M. Night… Continue Reading “The Berlin Film Festival is back – Yay!”

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