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28 Years after the Fall of the Berlin Wall ‘cos Berlin, I’ll never let you go!

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It’s October! In a few days, Germany will celebrate the Re-Unification of Germany, otherwise known as, the Day of German Unity or Der Tag der Deutschen Einheit! This most important day will take place on October the 3rd. October 3rd is a public holiday…


And it’s a wrap! How to see the next big thing at the movies. Plus very new stuff!

My Goodness! What a fabulous ten (10) days we have had in Berlin. Just wow! Sunday was the last day of the Berlin International Film Festival otherwise known as the Berlinale! And what a wonderful time we all had! We had a long, fantastic…

A Beginners’ Guide to the Berlinale, otherwise known as the Berlin International Film Festival 2017!

OMG! I’ve told you before and I’ll probably tell you a million times over, living in Berlin is awfully fabulous! I mean, there’s just so much to do! Only a few weeks ago I was telling you all about how I could afford to…

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