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How to visit Copenhagen on a budget. Even though I missed my last connection. Again!

So last week’s post was pretty grave. We had a heap of terrorist attacks all over France and Germany, so it just had to be written! And as I indicated last week, I can’t tell you what to do, or advice you as to…


10 reasons why being a British European is a really good thing!

The last week has been extremely stressful, and we have the awful outcome of the Brexit Referendum to thank for that, and by all accounts, it isn’t a pretty story. The Prime Minister – David Cameron – handed in his resignation. So did Boris…

Astonishing news! I’m going to the Philippines and I’m organising a Summer European Challenge Campaign. By train!

My! What a year! As far as travel is concerned, it’s been fantastic! And as far as my personal profile is concerned, it’s been on a continuous rise! So let’s see how we’re doing…! I became the media darling of the German press last…

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