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9 traditional East European things to eat in Slovakia!

Have you ever been to Slovakia? You know the one. Slovakiaaaaaaaaa. Not Sloveeeeenia! Most people haven’t or if they have, they’ve sort of breezed through. On a day trip from either Budapest or Vienna. Or worse, as an after-thought from visiting Prague or Krakow,…


How I can afford to travel around the world. Live the life you want!

I travel the world. And I squeeze it all in. In fact, I did extremely well in 2015! My blog became two (2) years old in the middle of October. Yay! You can read all about it right here. I became the media darling…

How I can afford a life of travel. Don’t choose. Have it all!

It’s 2015 and it’s January. At the beginning of every new year, it’s the norm to think about what you did last year and what you’re going to do this year. Last year, I travelled to 10 counties. 10 countries! However did I do…

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