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Rügen – In Pictures!

Victoria Ade-Genschow; The British Berliner; facemask; face mask; mündchutz; Rügen; Ruegen; Baltic Sea; Ostsee; German Baltic Sea; seaside; beach; Rügen beach; Rügen seaside; German beach; German seaside; sea; the sea; water; waterfront; waterside; sand; the Baltic Sea; the German Baltic Sea; North Germany; East Germany; Germany; German; Europe; travel; family travel;

You might have wondered where I got to. Well, I didn’t go far. We went on holiday. Yipee! At last! A family holiday. In Germany! Hurrah! Now don’t get carried away with visions of some sort sort of exotic get-away ‘cos you’re mistaken. In… Continue Reading “Rügen – In Pictures!”

Germany is open, where should you go on your holiday?

beer; bier; German beer; Warsteiner; drink; Germany; German; European; Europe; travel;

Germany is open! In fact, most of Europe is open too. Hurrah! Last week, I advocated NOT going on a European-wide holiday. Gasp! Shock! Horror! But she’s a travel blogger. How CAN she say that? How dare she! I dare to say this and… Continue Reading “Germany is open, where should you go on your holiday?”

Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?

Europe is re-opening; Europe; European; Re-opening; re-open; Re-open EU; Re-open Europe; travel;

The EU is open! Hurrah! In fact, most of Europe is open too. And by that, I mean the Schengen nations including Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and the UK! In fact, the EU has even created a web platform that allows you to see… Continue Reading “Europe is re-opening. Are holidays possible?”

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