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Beer in Germany!

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Ha! If there’s one thing that Germans do well, it’s eat sausages and drink beer! Beer in Germany isn’t a joke. And neither is Oktoberfest! Some people would have you believe that Oktoberfest is only known in Bavaria. And that the Bavarians aren’t really… Continue Reading “Beer in Germany!”

A 5 minute guide to Saxon food in Dresden. Now isn’t that just cute!

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Food! Ha! ‘Got your attention didn’t I?! But seriously, isn’t food a wonderful thing. Especially German food! Umm! Alright then. Some German food. Ah. That’s better! So I’ve been writing about Dresden the last few weeks ‘cos of the new job n’ all that.… Continue Reading “A 5 minute guide to Saxon food in Dresden. Now isn’t that just cute!”

Croatia – a basic guide to food!

And so it’s here! The last post that I’ll be writing about Croatia. For now! But what a most important post! It goes without saying that my stay in Croatia was a delight. It was my first time to go to the Balkans, but… Continue Reading “Croatia – a basic guide to food!”

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