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How to visit Austria: Introducing Vienna – the most civilised city. Ever!

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My! My! I’m doing rather well! So far this year, I’ve been to Amsterdam, I’ve been to Zaandam, I went skiing in the Czech Republic, and I’ve just got back from Vienna. In Austria! You know the one! The hills are alive with music…


To Nessie or not to Nessie: A temptation cruise on Loch Ness

Righty. One of the wonderful reasons to go to Inverness is of course, to see that sea monster of legend – Loch Ness. Loch Ness is not only a creature of fantasy and myth but also the name of a 22.6 mile or 36.4…

Oh, but the Highlands are bonny!

The last post I wrote was about the fact that the weather was less than, shall we say, “sunny” and we needed to compensate that by going to a distillery. Today, however, was a day to step outside and see what the Highlands and…

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