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British Passport Renewal!

British passport renewal; British passport; passport renewal; passport; British; travel;

Hey Everyone! I wrote something on the British-German Facebook Forum page, and it created so much buzz that I decided to turn it into a blog piece too. Here we go! As you might know by now, my husband is German but both myself… Continue Reading “British Passport Renewal!”

Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022!

Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022; New Year; 2022; goodbye; hello; live today; motivation; inspiration; old things; new things;

Happy New Year everyone! It’s official. It’s 2022! Gosh! I wanted to write about so many things in December 2021, but it was my birthday month. And so I picked December to work on one of the new ventures that I mentioned recently …… Continue Reading “Goodbye 2021. Hello 2022!”

Snippets of Berlin in Autumn, or if you’re American, Fall!

Snippets of Berlin in Autumn; Snippets of Berlin in Fall; Berlin; Autumn; Fall; leaves; nature; seasons; seasonal; Autumn colours; Fall colours; colours; colors; This is my Berlin; in Berlin; in Germany; Germany; travel; Europe;

Hey everyone. It’s October! How are you doing? Nope. Don’t answer that! Nevertheless, I hope you’re all well? I’m so sorry. It’s been a while since I wrote you on this here blog, but I’ve been involved in so many self-improvement projects that it’s… Continue Reading “Snippets of Berlin in Autumn, or if you’re American, Fall!”

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