Waving the flag of Britishness!
Waving the flag of Britishness!




This will be a lifestyle expat travel blog about culture, history, travels around the world, Europe, and being British in Berlin.

It will focus on a British girl from Manchester living in Berlin with her German husband and her half British – half German son, her promotion of British-German life, culture, history, literature, theatre, style, Europe, travels around the world, what she does in normal every day life and where she goes.

Victoria used to live in the Czech Republic and worked as the Regional Project Manager starting up an educational business in both Prague (the Czech Republic) and Bratislava (Slovakia). This might have been the reason she was asked to take up the task of consultant coaching and training and also as a result of the business acumen she obtained as a senior education consultant and head-hunter in the UK, which eventually led to the previous position of school headship and management in Berlin.

Until October 2016, Victoria was an ex-school head and one of the pioneer managers at the Wall Street Institute/ Wall Street English /WSI Education GmbH / Member of Pearson Group Corporation, in Germany, and was responsible for opening up two new schools in Berlin, as well as school-based teaching, setting up, running and organising personal development workshops, motivational workshops, and career change seminars through corporate teaching in industrial, business and governmental establishments.

From 2016 – 2017, she was the Corporate English Manager / Vice-School Principal of a German language school in East Berlin!

Since April 2018, Victoria became the Referent Interne Trainings or the Internal Training Manager.

In September 2023, she was promoted to Manager – English Training ProgrammesHCLTech Germany | HCL Technologies Germany GmbH.

HCLTech is a next-generation global technology company that provides skilled expertise in Information Technology and Business Services, Engineering and Research & Design for the digital age across 50 countries, that include 250 of the Fortune 500 and 650 of the Global 2000, as well as strategic emphasis within Germany, Austria, and Switzerland!

Victoria is responsible for corporate training throughout Germany as well as the following:

  • Training Management
  • Education Management
  • English Language Consultant Coaching and Training
  • Personal Development Training
  • Leadership Training
  • Corporate English Training
  • Strategic Concepts
  • Quality Management
  • Business English Managers Training Programmes
  • Cultural Awareness Programmes
  • Project Training
  • “On the Job” Coaching
  • Evaluation Reports
  • Anything Else connected to Education, Teaching, Training & Coaching!

She also does corporate travel within Berlin, Dresden, Leipzig, Stuttgart, Munich, Gifhorn, and other parts of Germany using digital and information technology tools for training and coaching purposes!

Victoria Ade-Genschow is enormously versatile, and likes to keep herself busy as the founder and Editor-in-Chief of this highly successful website – The British Berliner!

As well as working as a famous international lifestyle & travel blogger / journalist, Victoria is also a British-German socio-political expert who has been featured in various European documentaries and major European publications such as the BBC, Bild am Sonntag, the Humboldt University (Berlin), the Huffington Post, The Independent Newspaper (UK), Bloomberg Business Europe publications, the Local (Germany) newspaper, Berlin-Brandenburg TV station (RBB), Berlin Music Video Awards (BMVA) Germany, etc. and is a regular contributor to the European Culture TV and German radio stations, as the local expert on Europe, Brexit, the British monarchy, the Royal Family, and other British issues!

Victoria has a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Education – Leadership and Management – University of Chester (UK) and is also a PhD Research Candidate – Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Higher Education Management – a part-time doctoral programme at the University of Bath!

Over the years Victoria has travelled far and wide and has been to over 75 countries and 5 continents!

She’s not a multi-millionaire. Neither is her husband!

She didn’t win the lottery.

She didn’t quit her job.

She didn’t change her lifestyle.

She didn’t throw her one and only child into boarding school.

She didn’t re-locate to a warmer (cheaper) climate.

She didn’t sell her stuff!

You don’t have to do anything drastic if you want to afford a life of travel. You don’t have to choose between having it all and having nothing at all, and you definitely don’t have to quit your lifestyle!

Her blog puts a focus on Berlin, Britain and Europe, her love of culture, history, literature, theatre, style, the English Language and travels around the world.

She’s living a life of both style and travel. Subscribe and read her blog, and find out how she did it.

If she can do it. So can you.

Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – ©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner

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  2. Dear Friend,
    My name is Nerissa and I am Filipino and Italian. I am an expat, a traveler, and a mother. I have just created a website called http://www.peopleabroad.org to talk about the stories of people that for different reasons live or travel around the world.
    I hope you could contribute with your personal story to this website. I would also appreciate if you can also publish summaries of some of your best articles that are currently on your blog/website also on PeopleAbroad.org (obviously, I will give you credits for your posts).
    I thank you for your precious time and, whatever your belief is, I wish you a peaceful time for Christmas.
    All the best,

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