Month: May 2022

€9.00 travel tickets through Germany!

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Yes! At last The €9.00 ticket is finally here! What €9.00 ticket you may ask? The €9.00 monthly travel ticket that the federal government of Germany has agreed to, as part of a special relief package to help people through the energy crisis. In… Continue Reading “€9.00 travel tickets through Germany!”

The BBC came to Berlin!

The BBC came to Berlin; BBC; BBC News; BBC World Questions; World Questions; World Service; BBC News World Service: BBC House; news; British Council; British Council Germany; radio; radio interview; debate; Berlin; Germany; Germans; the Germans; Europe; travel;

So a few weeks ago, an Email popped up. It was from the BBC. Now, I’ve done a few things with the BBC in the past, so before I even read it it, my mind was like, yeah, sure, anytime! So what was it… Continue Reading “The BBC came to Berlin!”

Blossom City – Blütenstadt Werder (Havel) – A Day Trip from Berlin!

Blossom City – Blütenstadt Werder (Havel) – A Day Trip from Berlin; Blossom City; Blütenstadt Werder (Havel); Blütenstadt; Werder (Havel); Werder; Havel; apple; orchard; fruit; island; Lake Havel; Potsdam; Berlin; Brandenburg; day trip; Berlin day trip; day trip from Berlin; in Germany; Germany; travel; Europe;

So last week I wrote about my experience back in the office. It was only for a day, so not to worry! However, if you’re a British expat who lives in Europe, and you need to renew your passport, you’ve got to read this!… Continue Reading “Blossom City – Blütenstadt Werder (Havel) – A Day Trip from Berlin!”

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