Winter in Germany!

snow; snowing; winter vibes; winter; weather; Kuchwald; Chemnitz; Germany; Europe; travel;
snowman; snow; snowing; winter vibes; winter; weather; Munich; Germany; Europe; travel;
Snowman in Germany!

It’s January!

Now I know what you’re thinking.

It’s Germany.

It’s winter.

There’s snow, frost and ice.


I’m sorry to tell you but for the last 20 years, that hasn’t always been the case!

I’m a winter baby so snow is my thing!

Having said that, it isn’t that we don’t get snow anymore.

We do, but nowadays, it’s quite unpredictable with a few days of snowflakes, or no snow at all!

And 10 years ago, we had a winter that simply wouldn’t go away.

Even I was fed up with it ‘cos it was Easter!

We’ve even had snow in May!

deer; snow; snowing; winter vibes; winter; weather; Kottenforst; Bonn; Germany; Europe; travel;
Deer in Germany!

If ever there was evidence of climate change, that was surely it.

In fact, 2021 was a case in point.

We had no snow in January and February, then come March there was snow everywhere, and all my baby vegetables and budding flowers, all died!

I know.

Everyone had warned me to hold off planting stuff in the garden, but I wouldn’t listen and spent most of February running in and out of the garden with blankets and pillowcases!

Not for me you understand.

But for my darling plants!

It was tragic!

So just to make you feel better, we did have some snow around my birthday and some snow just before Christmas!

It’s January, so we’re expecting much more!

I can’t wait!

snow; snowing; winter vibes; winter; weather; Freiburg; Germany; Europe; travel;
Winter in Germany!

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I’m a freak.

I adore winter.


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Winter in Germany!

Victoria Ade-Genschow; The British Berliner; in Berlin; at home; cat; cats; pet; Berlin; Germany; travel; Europe;
Victoria at home in Berlin, with one of her cats!
©Victoria Ade-Genschow – The British Berliner – Berlin – May 2020

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Winter in Germany!

Winter is coming!

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It’s January!



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snow; snowing; winter vibes; winter; weather; Kuchwald; Chemnitz; Germany; Europe; travel;
Winter in Germany!

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5 Comments on “Winter in Germany!

  1. I was born in winter, but I don’t particularly like it, to be honest. But I hope you have a nice week or two of fluffy snow to enjoy!

    • Thanks so much Nina!

      Aww. What a shame that you’re not big on winter, we could have been winter twins! Never mind, I’ve very much enjoyed your stories on Greece and Amsterdam all the same! 😀

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